Newspaper stuff

So if you didn't see it or don't live in the area, here is the article they put in the local paper about the housing program. Yes I am quoted, no that is not Nait in the picture, it is Ethen, and no we didn't do the house though habitat for humanity, it is though the Neighborhood Non-prophit housing corporation Self-help program. Boy, newspaper people, you would think they could get their facts strait!


Mom Momements

So I thought I would share my week of MOM MOMENTS.

Monday: Ethen decided I could brush his teeth before school that day. Mid-brush he says "Mom your eyes are really beautiful, I really like the color green." Talk about an ahhhhhh moment. Nothing like making your mom cry while she is brushing your teeth. That boy got brownie points today!

Thursday: No work for Matt because it is ANOTHER snow day in the middle of spring. (that's Cache Valley for you) We spend the 1st half of the cleaning out the basement and arranging our crawl space. Ethen and Nait were great helpers it was nice to see them share and WANT TO HELP CLEAN! The 2nd half of the day going from place to place to get bids for our landscape and basement project which meant lunch at Sams club (pizza and churros!) and NO NAPS! One of these days I will learn that no naps means cranky boys at 6pm.

Friday: Spring break for Ethen, and while it is nice to have him home, BOY DO I MISS THAT 3 HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT AND LEARNING! It was cold in the morning, but look how my boys decided to go outside and play:
Ethen in short sleeves and no shoes, "but I have my hat on mom!" and Nait in his pajamas, no socks or shoes, cowboy hat, and the diaper I had asked him to get for me so we could change him. GOTTA LOVE BOYS!

Saturday: First nice day in a while, and it was a really nice day. We had planned on working out in the yard all day with a couple of our neighbors. We started out with breakfast and sunscreen and making sure everyone was appropriately dressed for the day. Lunch comes around and all is well. Kids are happy and fed, and the 3 yards are coming along smoothly, but of course that sunscreen could use some re-applying. Do you think we did? . . . . . . . . . . . . .

After lunch Ethen decided it was too hot for his jacket and his hat. I of course was busy and didn't think about it because I had "allready put sunscreen on".

So his poor ears this morning both have blisters on them. His face doesn't look as bad as it did yesterday, but those poor ears.... talk about mom feeling really crappy to say the least!

Nait on the other hand kept his hat and jacket on for most of the day so only his cheeks got a little burned. But of course they were playing so well that no one got naps AGAIN today, (when will I learn!~) so by 6 he was really cranky and while I was fixing dinner . . . . . he fell asleep. YOU Try waking a 2 yr old up to have dinner when he hasn't had a nap

And of course us moms don't need sunscreen right! As long as the boys are covered I am good! Hahahahaha. Don't you just love the glove line. SOOOOO fashionable. And boy did I look good in church today!

Oh boy. The life of a mom!