Ethen at Kindergarten

Suprise Suprise! I didn't cry! (I think I got it all out with preschool!)
I am very proud of him though, he is sooooo ready to be a school and sooo excited.

He wanted to ride his bike to school and park it on the bike rack "Like the big kids, Mom."Ok, I lied. I did cry, but only when Ethen turned to Nait, told him goodbye, gave him a big hug and said "be good for mom Nait, I will be home later".

What an Awesome Big Brother!


My Joys for the Day

My boys tried (without complaint) and actually liked the dreaded "suckini" I made for dinner last night!

I now have blinds hung in the downstairs family room! (my through the field and across the street neighbor had commented on a movie WE were watching the other night)
And best of all: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Ethen's kindergarten teacher. She is the BEST and he is so excited to start school on Tuesday!


The Weekend

This weekend Ethen and Matt went to Flaming Gorge/Vernal area with some good friends of ours Ryan and Daxton and Daxton's Grandpa. They had a weekend full of fishing, dino's, 4-wheeling, and best of all .. . . . . Sleeping in a tent, WITHIN a tent! Silly boys!

Meanwhile, Nait and I had a fun filled weekend ourselves visiting 3 parks, shopping, renting movies and eating popcorn, and best of all . . . . . . .

Taking Wendy's food into Costa Vida. HEHEHEHE, Nait thought we were being soooo naughty! Hey I don't care how many dirty looks I got from the Costa Vida Staff, Nait got to eat what he wanted and I got to eat what I wanted. Can't get any better than that!

Boys Comforters

Here is my latest find! The boys room is soooo close to being done. Just a few last decor items, and it will be one more room TOTALLY finished!

On a side note: Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Target! And how I WISH WISH WISH they were putting one of them in here instead of ANOTHER walmart! Why Why WHY do we need 2 walmarts in Cache Valley!? I might be able to find great things like this more often if I didn't have to drive ALL THE WAY TO LAYTON to get to a target!

The Basement

So yea! The Basement is done! At least most of it is. We have a few things here and there to add, but the walls are painted and the carpet is in - - - so it is livable. And of course one of the first things done was to put Matt's tv on the wall! MEN!

This is the family room. Long and lovely! Don't ask about the green paint (it was a nightmare to pick out!) but it turned out wonderfully in the end.

The boys crawl space toy storage etc. Ethen picked out the color (I know I was feeling brave!) but we think he did a great job! They even got to help paint it.

This is my laundry room. I still have flooring to do in here, but I am SO excited about the color. I know it is a little wild, but hey it is a laundry room, and who needs to love it but the one doing the laundry!

This is what will be the "guest bedroom". As Ethen and Nait put it "Grandma and Grandpa's room. I still need to put up the glaze stripes on the wall, but just didn't get them done before the carpet came. Could have been worse!

So now all we need now is a bed and we are set. Come visit whenever! We FINALLY have the room to have you over! I am sure there are little things here and there we will always be working on, I mean, come on, the walls can't stay bare forever!~ But we are LOVING the space!


Fruits of our Labor

Here are the first things that have come out of our garden.
I probably let the zuchinni go to long! Oh well
(and it is a mini golden tomato - I wasn't in a hurry to pick it!)

The boys were so excited about our first "sukkini" and wondering when another one will grow, but of course they will never eat it!