2008 Preschool Graduation

Friday May 23rd, Ethen graduated from preschool. Grandma Davidson, Alex, Steve and Melissa all came to celebrate with us.

It was done at Logan High School, which I thought was crazy until I saw how many people showed up. It was amazing to see that many friends and family there for a preschool graduation - great turnout for the plays that the kids wrote themselves.

As you can see, Ethen was a spider. It was a take on the little red hen, only it was about a little red kitten who was making Macaroni and Cheese. It was really cute and you could tell the kids had a lot of fun writing the story.
The teachers each said a little something about the year.

And of course the kids got nice and squirmy, with plenty of waves to the crowd.

As they got their diploma each was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up. They have been practicing this for the last 2 weeks and even that day in practice Ethen's answer has always been "A DAD" but tonight: "A Transformer" just like all the other boys in his class. Oh well.

The Graduating Class.

Ethen's Reading Teacher

Ethen's Art/HomeRoom Teacher

One Proud Mom!

The Graduate! Congrats bud, WE LOVE YOU!