A Greenville Christmas

Every year Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett's ward has their Christmas Party just a couple of days before. It is "Santa's" last stop before he heads out on his trip around the world. They read stories, tell jokes and sing songs. And then the big guy comes and the kids get to sit on his lap and tell him what they want. Then they get the candy. This year it was the giant candy bars. (And Santa ALWAYS has Mom's favorite! Symphony with toffee and almonds)

Here are the primary kids. They sang Away in a Manger and Jingle Bells.
Here they are lined up to see Santa. When Nait saw him come in he turned to me and said "THERE HE IS!" They were very excited.

I think this picture should have told me something ...............................

Nait was fine until he sat on Santa's lap. No screaming, just sadness in his face. He later said he didn't like "his white scratchy stuff"

Ethen loved talking to Santa and told him that he wanted more track for his train set. As you will see in the following posts, Santa had other ideas (Santa, NOT Mrs. Clause!)


Nait turns 3!

On December 17th my little one turned 3! Can't believe it! He has gotten so big SO fast!
It was a day of Nait, so he got to pick what he wanted for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We started off with donuts in the morning (with pink milk) jelly sandwiches for lunch, and pizza for dinner.

The cake. He had been talking for weeks that he wanted a Ninja Buzz lightear cake with buzz, woody and zurg on top. I had found what he wanted (after some stress and searching) and then when he went to walmart to order JUST the CAKE with Matt, he decided he wanted a Scooby Doo cake with All the Gang.

Eating the Cake and Ice Cream

Opening Woody, Buzz and Zurg. At least I could still use them as presents!

The "Buzz Lightyear Gun" from Dax and Kelton. Yeah! Something to make a whole lot of noise and racket! Thanks!

Race track with crashing cars from Grandma and Grandpa D. This one was SOOOO big he had to get on the table to open it! Awesome pick Grandpa! Thanks!

Another gift that was too big and he had to be on the table for. This one was from Uncle Steve and Aunt Melissa. It was a flute recorder, a black bouncy ball, a gumball machine, some neon worms all in a bag about as tall as Nait. The best part was watching him reach down to the bottom of the bag for it all! Thanks Guys!

Nait had an awesome birthday, and we are really greatfull to the family and friends who could be there to share it with us. Thanks for spoiling us with your love and friendship!

Here is the song. One of these days I will remember when I am holding on to the camera, that I am MUCH louder than anyone else because I am holding onto the camera! Oh well, enjoy my off tunenuss! Oh yeah, and one of these days I will figure out how to turn the video right side up!

The first BIG snowfall

The boys were so excited about the first BIG snowfall of the year. We had heard about it all week, and were not disapointed when we woke up that Saturday morning.

Matt and his new TOY. Ok it is for work, but somehow, I SWEAR, we had agreed we didn't need a snowblower this year, and yet he managed to have me agree to let him buy one.



Nait was really enjoying the white stuff! He has found out he LOVES to eat it too. (as you will see from the MANY snow pics to come. Everytime I turn around he will be putting snow in his mouth!)

Ethen was an AWESOME brother this day (once I gave him MY gloves because his were "letting all the snow in") He took Nait on a couple of laps around the front yard.

Dad took his turn taking the boys on the loop. He got going a little too fast around one corner though, and dumped both boys off the sled with faces in the snow. After that he was told he couldn't go THAT FAST.

My boys. They are growing up so fast! It is fun to see them enjoy the simple things of life though. Sledding around the front yard isn't much, but they loved every minute of it!

A day in Salt Lake

At the beginning of December we spent a day in Salt Lake with Grandma and Grandpa, and Aunt Katie and Gracie. We met for lunch and then split up. The boys went to Cabellas, a golf shop (come on they are with Grandpa!) and to look at a few cars. The girls went to the festival of trees. Can you guess which ones had the camera?
After the fun afternoon, we met up with Ryan, Cindy, Daxton and Kelton for dinner at Sizzler and a fun night of looking at the lights on Temple square. The boys were also THRILLED that we got to ride on the trax train there and back.
Here are a few of the MANY pics I took. Still trying to figure out my new camera.

Nait, Ethen and Dax

The boys: Daxton, Ethen, Kelton and Nait

My Favorite pic of the night. No professional, but I love the way it turned out!

Seeing the lights on Temple Square is one of my favorite memories from when I was a kid. Hopefully we will be able to keep this as a tradition with our boys for year to come.


While Grandma and Tyler were here for halloween, Tyler made the request to go bowling, and my boys were willing to oblige. Ryan and Dax joined us for the fun, and we had a blast!
Best part: Getting Cosmic bowling for the REGULAR bowling Price.
This was Nait everytime. He would shove it down the lane and then watch, with hands on hips, until it hit the pins at the end.

Ethen: look at the boys form! All that time practicing on the Wii has paid off!

Here is Dax. He was having a lot of fun, but I don't know how much fun his dad was having watch the ball going SLOWLY down the lane!

Uncle Tyler

As you can see Uncle Tyler didn't have the game he was bragging about. He is just going to have to come up and show us up another time.

SOON, the boys say SOON!


Pumpkin carving went well this year. Well at least Nait stuck around while we carved. He still didn't want to stick his hand in the pumpkin with the "icky" stuff, but he didn't retreat to the other room like he did last year.
Ethen got a pumpkin coupon from school and used it "to make sure Aiden has a pumpkin too"
Ethen was a great pumpkin cleaner this year. Very suprising for my "I don't wanna touch that" boy!
Nait loved to look, but there was no way he was sticking his hand in there!

The finished looks. Ethen and Nait were both very clear. They wanted SCARY pumpkins this year. Ethen drew the faces on a couple of the pumpkins, and was very excited when Dad carved them just right!
On Halloween we had a ward "Trunk or Treat" Part of the requirement was to dress up your car also. Matt made ours into a Dragon. It was supposed to have smoke coming out of the mouth, but the dry ice wasn't very cooperative! Oh well. Dad will make it work next year!

After the trunk or treat we came home and had some dinner and then headed out to a few houses outside our neighborhood so that we weren't hitting the same ones we did for trunk or treat. Grandma and Tyler were here and it was a fun night. Ethen was very excited to go from house to house and didn't want to wait for anyone. Nait on the other hand I think would have been happy with just going home and eating the candy he had from earlier.

Buzz Lightyear

My boys! Ethen was loving the vampire teeth.

Our Jet Pilot Fighter Man