Ethen's 6th Birthday

We spent his birthday with 3 friends at Chuck-E-Cheese.


Lowe's has an awesome program every other saturday where the kids can go and build a project with "a real hammer and nails" as Nait puts it.
This is their first project, a golf putting green. When we got there they gave each child an apron and goggles to keep, and when they completed their project, they got a patch to sew (mom fabric glued ;) on their aprons. This summer we have made a treasure chest, pirate ship, drum, school bus, paddle boat and a helicopter. We were happy to find out that they do this throughout the year. It is a great Saturday activity with the boys!

Ethen's Last Day of School

Can't believe a year of school has gone by (can't believe summer is over and we are in a new school year!)
Ethen really loved Kindergarten.

He loved his teacher Ms. Purser.

He loved his friends.

He learned to love to read and loves numbers (he is so a math child, I am in trouble ;)

But, he is more excited about the end of school because that means he will be in 1st grade and get to have "hot lunch" at school.