To my wonderful friends (you know who you are!) thanks for dropping by. You will never know how much I needed to just have a night of catch up and chatting. And margarita's on a stick! To die for. Love ya both tons!


High Flying

Here are some fun pics from Nibley heritage days. It wasn't huge, but it is getting bigger every year. The boys (well . .. Ethen) were excited about all the big blow up toys and wanted just to play on those. Thankfully they had a 5$ pass to ride everything as much as you wanted.

They had some awesome miniture horses that were so cute. I could so go for one of those one day!

No problems here! My boys are definately climbers!

But I think I should start worrying about the dare devil side of them. They saw a kid jump on the top of this before he slid down and thought it looked "cool" as Ethen puts it.

Now this is normal behavior for Nait. He has never been one to FEAR much.

Yes, that is ETHEN flying high. He is really coming out of his shell and trying new things.

I think I should start worrying now!


Catching Up

So yes, it has been some busy times, and I haven't really been able to keep up with the time as it has flown by. Also I have been a little depressed because my beloved camera is missing. I have had no urge to do anything but sit and sulk.
Acutally we really have been busy, BUT good news the basement is almost done! Just the windowsills to do and then we get to paint. Carpet is allready bought and is ready to install as soon as we are ready for it!
With so many activities and things going on time just seems to pass me by, but I will try to be better about my posting.
So here are a few things we have done in the last month:

Ode to a Tractor

Thank you dear tractor:
For the thousands of hours of fun
For the many loads of dirt you hauled
And most of all, for the entertainment you gave a 2 year old for so much time.
I will miss you greatly, my new bike just doesn't do or haul half the things I made you.
Love you and I am mad at my dad for throwing you away while I was gone.
(We as parents are eternally grateful, and are very sorry that you broke in half!)

Swimming Lessons

Ethen had 2 weeks strait (Monday-Thursday) of swimming lessons at the aquatic center.

At first I thought it would be great, Nait and I would swim while Ethen was in lessons, and then we would get to hang out for a while afterwards in the outdoor pool.

YEAH . . . . That lasted all of about 2 count them 2 days! Oh well. Ethen had lots of fun and really learned a lot. He went from a level 0 to a level 2.5 after 2 weeks.

He learned to freestyle swim.

He learned the Rocket. (which will help them learn to dive later on)

He learned to back float. (by the end he was doing it himself)

The team cheer at the end.

He really had a lot of fun and loved his instructor Paige. (Unfortunately I can't convince him he probably won't have Paige again next year.)

9 Years

Grateful for the 9 years we have spent together, and the many years to come. I have been blessed to have such a wonderful husband, friend, confidant and father to my 2 awesome boys.
I am truly blessed.
Love ya babe!

Ethen Turns 5

Ethen turned 5 on June 19th.
Here are the TOP 5 reasons why we love the guy!
5. He has ALWAYS been a wonderful helper and BIG Brother. No matter what he DOES love his brother and looks out for him!
4. He is SUCH a smarty pants, Sometimes to his mom's dismay, but he loves to learn and is ALWAYS right!
3. He has such a sweet and loving personality. He is always making sure you are OK.
2. His Laughter. I LOVE to hear him Laugh.
1. Look at that face! How could you not love the boy!
I count my blessings every day I was blessed with such a wonderful son. I love him and I am glad is his my first! Happy Birthday Ethen! Love ya bunches!