Yep, it was a cold day in Logan..... Of course it was. So we did Easter inside. Oh well.

My boys and their trucks/cars......Of course it was their favorite part of Easter!

The Boys "New" Beds

For their new room we decided to paint the boys bunk beds blue. It took some time (and some of mom's patience), but after a week of sleeping on the floor in the nursery the boys got to finally sleep in their new room on their "new" old beds.

Ethen was so excited to help dad put together his bed. He held it "like a strong man mom" while Matt put it together.

The finished product:

Nait was so excited about his bed, that he was twirling circles inside the frame. Needless to say, he got dizzy and bonked his head on the frame.

He's one tough cookie, as long as he has his bear Trampus with him!

Our New Home

So I think we are finally "kindof" setteled. We have painted most of the house, (not sure what to do on my own bedroom yet....open to any suggestions, and the nursery/scrapbook room hasn't been touched yet!) and most of the boxes are unpacked. We can even fit a car into the garage! yeah :) So here are a few pictures of the house....... Now if I could just figure out the 'finishing touches'

Here is the living room:

Love my red wall, it really turned out well. Now if I could just find the right black clock to fit in the middle of it we would be in business!

Our front door:

Here is the kitchen/dining room/computer desk:

The boys room turned out great! Thanks to Grandma for all the painting she did, she is awesome!

The boys bathroom:

Matt and his friend did the tile in both bathrooms the weekend before we moved in. It wasn't fun going with out a toilet for 3 days, but it turned out wonderfully, and we are glad we did it!

As you can see, not too many accessories in the place, but we will get there. I just have to find the 'perfect' pieces. The search continues, but if you find anything good let me know.

Love to you all and thanks again for all the support as we made this big move in our life!


I've Been Tagged!!!

Five Things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Just turned 18 and enjoying my last days as a Senior at Beaver High School
2. Getting ready for the Junior Prom (I went as a Senior)
3. Working at Mike's Foodtown
4. Finishing up the wrestling season (I did stats for the team! Best Job EVER!!)
5. Waiting to start my new adventure at Dixie College

Five Things on my to-do list today:

1. Price out tile for the bathrooms
2. Find out how much to put beadboard in the boys room (check)
3. Clean toilets and window tracks at new house
4. Clean toilets and do laundry at apartment
(got some laundry done :])
5. Pack (hahahahhahaha this may never happen!)

Five Snacks I enjoy:

1. Cadbury Mini Eggs
2. Cadbury Cream Filled Eggs (ok can you tell it is Easter time?)
3. Penny Candies (watermellons, sour patch kids etc.)
4. Most types of FRESH fruit
5. Bread, bread and more bread!

Things I would do if I were a Billionaire:

1. Pay off the house or perhaps buy a new one
2. Travel
3. Save for kids educations
4. Buy a new car...not a minivan!
5. Give where needed, put some in savings and live life to the fullest

Three of my bad habits:

1. Procrastination
2. Trying to have things 'just right'
3. Stressing about the small stuff

Five places I have lived:

1. Rexburg, ID
2. St. George, UT
3. Grand Coulee, WA
4. American Fork, UT
5. Beaver, UT

Five Jobs I’ve had:

1. Full time mom
2. Dental Assisting Instructor
3. Office Manager at a Dental Office
4. Temp Job as a Teacher for an At risk youth high school
5. Cashier at Rite Aid

5 Things people probably don’t know about me:

1. I'm worry about not doing everything right (ok maybe you knew that one)
2. I get a little bit of road rage at times
3. I am horrible about getting into something (scrapbook, beading, crafts) and then getting bored with it and moving on to something else.
4. I spend way too much time surfing the Internet
5. I read WAY too much sometimes

Ok so I will now tag........Fonz. The only other one I know that hasn't been tagged yet...... I think!