Ethen's 6th Birthday

We spent his birthday with 3 friends at Chuck-E-Cheese.


Lowe's has an awesome program every other saturday where the kids can go and build a project with "a real hammer and nails" as Nait puts it.
This is their first project, a golf putting green. When we got there they gave each child an apron and goggles to keep, and when they completed their project, they got a patch to sew (mom fabric glued ;) on their aprons. This summer we have made a treasure chest, pirate ship, drum, school bus, paddle boat and a helicopter. We were happy to find out that they do this throughout the year. It is a great Saturday activity with the boys!

Ethen's Last Day of School

Can't believe a year of school has gone by (can't believe summer is over and we are in a new school year!)
Ethen really loved Kindergarten.

He loved his teacher Ms. Purser.

He loved his friends.

He learned to love to read and loves numbers (he is so a math child, I am in trouble ;)

But, he is more excited about the end of school because that means he will be in 1st grade and get to have "hot lunch" at school.


What Nait Does at T-Ball Games

Flip Flop Battles

Ethen and T-Ball

T-ball lasted just over a month and a half. I wasn't sure how Ethen would do after our soccer debacle, but he insisted he wanted to play so we paid the money with the understanding that the money would come out of his new bike fund if he refused to play.
Thankfully it didn't come even close to that. He LOVED every minute of it. Even the practices. He had games on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then practices on Saturday afternoons and wished he had more (we were grateful he didn't, and it scares me to think of having 3 boys in sports!)
He was a lot of fun to watch, but hey it was t-ball. BUT it made me very excited for the prospects of little league, and I hope at least one of my boys stays interested long enough for that!
On a side note, Ethen's uncle Alex is serving a mission in England. Uncle Alex's very favorite sport is Baseball, his very favorite team is the Yankees and his number was always #3. Ethen was very excited to learn that he was on Uncle Alex's favorite team and that he got to be his number also!


My Deals for Today.....

So a little while ago Matt and I went to a class to learn how to use coupons. I was VERY skeptical. I didn't want to spend my Sunday evenings "clipping" coupons, and then my shopping day sifting though coupons to find what I needed. So I went with a BAD attitude!

Let me just tell you that I was convinced! And today, I am even more convinced! Look at what I bought today:

9 Small Boxes of Jello

11 Packages of Crystal Light On The Go Drink Mixes

3 Bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce

5 20 oz Bottles of Vitamin Water

5 Febreze Noticables Starter Kits

4 Jars of Salsa

Total price: 70.14

WHAT I SPENT: 27.46!!!!!

Definately worth the class time. Questions? Let me know! I will gladly share the wealth of info!

I was also thinking about hosting a class at my place.....Let me know if you are interested.

Happy Birthday To Matt!

The boys went on the Father and Sons outing on Friday Night and then Matt spent his birthday fixin up stuff around the yard. Saturdays around here are just as crazy as the rest of the week!
So finally at 7:30 we took dad to dinner for his birthday. We went to Cafe' Sabor.
When we got seated the whole staff went to another table and sang a birthday song for someone there, and THEN made them wear a silly hat. Ethen was determined to have his dad wear the hat. So when Matt took Nait to the bathroom Ethen snagged the waiter and told him it was his Dad's birthday and he needed to wear the hat.
Matt was a good sport!

Hey, it was worth it for the FREE dessert!

On Sunday we had Steve and Melissa over for my very first homemade Ice Cream Cake

Don't know if I will be making another one anytime soon, but it worked, and tasted great!

Happy Birthday Babe! Love Ya!

Aiden's Blessing Day

We blessed Aiden in Greenville on May 3rd and then had a family dinner in Beaver at my Mom's house. It was nice to have ALL of the Bartlett family together!

Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett with all the Grandkids!

The whole Bartlett Clan.

Here we are with My Grandma and Grandpa Jones.

Best Golden Corral EVER!

Went to Salt Lake for Uncle Tyler's State soccer game. It was fun to watch and they played really well!

After the game Grandpa treated us to dinner.

Lets just say it became dinner AND entertainment!

Spring Flowers



It is spring!

The ground is dry!

The boys get to be outside!

Which means..............

Dad brought the Skidsteer home.............

And Nait is in HEAVEN!


We went to the Nibley City Easter Egg Hunt this year. Ethen doesn't like crowds so he chose not to participate, but Nait was ALL for it! Matt told him to run to the back of the grass area and then pick up his eggs.
Turned out to be an AWESOME strategy! Nait scored with 3 eggs, 2 of them being ones with numbers on them so he got an "extra" prize!

After that we went home and colored our own Easter eggs.
It was some serious business.......

Sunday morning the boys got their Easter "Baskets" (we won't go there!)

And then they got to wear the outfits that Grandpa Davidson picked out for them.
Lets just say Grandpa has STYLE!
Monday Night for family night the boys had their Easter egg hunt at home.
Can you see the egg?

And we FINALLY got a smile on camera from Aiden!


3 weeks old

So here I am officially caught up! Today marks Aiden's third week with us, and I can't believe it has gone by so fast! Ethen and Nait absolutely adore him and love to hold, kiss, hug, ok maul their brother as much as possible. For the most part they are awesome helpers (Nait doesn't like dealing with "stinky" diapers!) and I am grateful they have adjusted and love him as much as they do.
Me, I am dealing with the sleep loss (like I was getting any before~) but really I am lucky, for the most part he sleeps really well at night. I think this tired thing is just going to be apart of my daily life from now on!
Aiden is growing like crazy. He had dropped to 8lbs 3oz when we left the hospital, and at his 2 week apt he was past his birth weight at 8lbs 14oz. What amazes Matt and I is how strong he is allready. He likes to lay on his tummy and push his head up and look around.

Oh yeah, he HATES the Bath! Really, he just hates being naked. He screams like this whenever you change him or get him dressed in the morning. He just doesn't like to be messed with!

It still amazes me how much your heart grows with each new child you are blessed with. I am grateful for my children. More than I can ever express!

First week home



So our first week home was quite the week. We were lucky to have grandma D here with us to make us food and yummy cookies! But mostly it was a week of tanning beds and heel slices for the little man. Because of the bruising on his face, Aiden's bilirubin levels were pretty high so we got to bring the lights home with us. Now I am grateful we didn't have to keep him at the hospital, but it is very hard to have your baby home and not be able to hold him because he has to be in the "suitcase tanning bed" 24 hrs a day. Every morning we would go to the hospital lab and have his heel sliced to retest his levels. Let's just say that by the end he didn't even flinch when they sliced him.

Aiden was quite the trooper and slept really well. We had heard horror stories and we were very lucky to have such a good baby!

Days under lights: 6

Heel Sticks: 7