Just a shout out to Grandma Jones.
We love you Bunches and can't wait to see you again!

Pumpkin Walk

Every year we go to North Logan's Pumpkin Walk and then go to Village inn for pie and hot chocolate. Here are some of our favorite scenes from this year.

The theme this year was Heroes.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (not my favoriate IJ movie)

This was Ethen's favorite and the boys new thing is Veggie Tales

(there is a pirate movie out that they love!)

Kung Foo Panda

One of my favorites was the Noah's Ark. Especially the Elephants in the ark!

Michael Phelps and the Olympics
Moses parting the Red Sea

This was Matt's favorite. They had hooked up a water feature to come out of the pumpkin. Very Cool!

Ethen, Daxton and Nait.

This was Nait's favorite (although not a pumpkin) It is a Frog made out of different types of beans/grains. Very Cool!

The boys. Ethen, Kelton, Daxton, and Nait.
It was fun listening to them comment on the different scenes, and find their favorite "Hero"


Just So you Know

This came first:
It was Matt's Father's Day present (one day late)

Then these came on Tuesday:
Ethen and Nait wanted to see its feet, legs, hands, ears and chin.
Thankfully the Technician was really willing to show them what they wanted to see.
Nait wanted to know if this was a monster.
I told him that No, it was his little BROTHER, but that sometimes he might think he is a Monster.
That's right folks, we are having another boy. He will make his debut around February 22nd. I think we are settled on a name, but we are open to any suggestions if you have them.
Oh yea, the important stuff. He looks healthy and great, everything is in its right place, and he weighs about the size of a pop. We are excited, and except for the day of dissapointment that it wasn't a girl, I LOVE my boys and I am excited to have another one on the way!



Our Saturdays are usually filled with projects.
I spent Saturday morning at a Stampin' Up class that was a lot of fun. I always enjoy the new ideas!
Matt's Saturday was filled with starting a paver pathway from the front yard to the back yard.

He always has plenty of help:

Especially with Nait. Nait would work with Dad all day long if I let him!

Ethen is always good for a little muscle:

Here is the finished look so far. The path will make its way through the gate and to the back patio.


A day in American Fork

So it is really sad I don't have any pics of the couple! (they will so be added to this post when I do.)
Anyways, we spent Wednesday in American Fork for Steve and Melissa's wedding/reception. Here are some fun pics of the boys and my lovely husband
The boys with Great Grandma and Grandpa Bartlett
Ethen was asked to help out at the gift table. So that is where we spent most of the reception.

Dino Park with Grandma

While Grandma Davidson was here we decided to FINALLY go to the Dino Park in Ogden. While it wasn't the cheapest activity we have done, it was worth it. The boys really loved it and I liked how spread out the park was, but with tons of things to see, plus boys got rid of plenty of energy!

Ethen wasn't really Excited to stand next to the dino to take pics. He thought it was going to get him.

They had a spot where the kids could dig up and brush off dino bones.

It was interesting to learn how many different types of Velosirapters there are. Sure glad they are not still around. They are mean little buggers!

This is sooooo true!

So the pic is kindof blurry, but this is a rainbow trout that is about as big as they get. Matt sooo wants to break into the park at night an catch this thing just so he can get his picture with it, and then let it go. This thing was HUGE!

Anyways if you are in the area and have boys, this is an awesome place to go. They also have a museum indoors with lots of petrified stuff and the skeltons etc. If nothing else it is a great advertisment for the Jurassic Park movie trilogy. Mom, Matt and I have decided we need to have a marathon evening with a T-Rex.


Ethen at Kindergarten

Suprise Suprise! I didn't cry! (I think I got it all out with preschool!)
I am very proud of him though, he is sooooo ready to be a school and sooo excited.

He wanted to ride his bike to school and park it on the bike rack "Like the big kids, Mom."Ok, I lied. I did cry, but only when Ethen turned to Nait, told him goodbye, gave him a big hug and said "be good for mom Nait, I will be home later".

What an Awesome Big Brother!


My Joys for the Day

My boys tried (without complaint) and actually liked the dreaded "suckini" I made for dinner last night!

I now have blinds hung in the downstairs family room! (my through the field and across the street neighbor had commented on a movie WE were watching the other night)
And best of all: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Ethen's kindergarten teacher. She is the BEST and he is so excited to start school on Tuesday!


The Weekend

This weekend Ethen and Matt went to Flaming Gorge/Vernal area with some good friends of ours Ryan and Daxton and Daxton's Grandpa. They had a weekend full of fishing, dino's, 4-wheeling, and best of all .. . . . . Sleeping in a tent, WITHIN a tent! Silly boys!

Meanwhile, Nait and I had a fun filled weekend ourselves visiting 3 parks, shopping, renting movies and eating popcorn, and best of all . . . . . . .

Taking Wendy's food into Costa Vida. HEHEHEHE, Nait thought we were being soooo naughty! Hey I don't care how many dirty looks I got from the Costa Vida Staff, Nait got to eat what he wanted and I got to eat what I wanted. Can't get any better than that!