Just a shout out to Grandma Jones.
We love you Bunches and can't wait to see you again!

Pumpkin Walk

Every year we go to North Logan's Pumpkin Walk and then go to Village inn for pie and hot chocolate. Here are some of our favorite scenes from this year.

The theme this year was Heroes.
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (not my favoriate IJ movie)

This was Ethen's favorite and the boys new thing is Veggie Tales

(there is a pirate movie out that they love!)

Kung Foo Panda

One of my favorites was the Noah's Ark. Especially the Elephants in the ark!

Michael Phelps and the Olympics
Moses parting the Red Sea

This was Matt's favorite. They had hooked up a water feature to come out of the pumpkin. Very Cool!

Ethen, Daxton and Nait.

This was Nait's favorite (although not a pumpkin) It is a Frog made out of different types of beans/grains. Very Cool!

The boys. Ethen, Kelton, Daxton, and Nait.
It was fun listening to them comment on the different scenes, and find their favorite "Hero"


Just So you Know

This came first:
It was Matt's Father's Day present (one day late)

Then these came on Tuesday:
Ethen and Nait wanted to see its feet, legs, hands, ears and chin.
Thankfully the Technician was really willing to show them what they wanted to see.
Nait wanted to know if this was a monster.
I told him that No, it was his little BROTHER, but that sometimes he might think he is a Monster.
That's right folks, we are having another boy. He will make his debut around February 22nd. I think we are settled on a name, but we are open to any suggestions if you have them.
Oh yea, the important stuff. He looks healthy and great, everything is in its right place, and he weighs about the size of a pop. We are excited, and except for the day of dissapointment that it wasn't a girl, I LOVE my boys and I am excited to have another one on the way!