Happy Birthday To Matt!

The boys went on the Father and Sons outing on Friday Night and then Matt spent his birthday fixin up stuff around the yard. Saturdays around here are just as crazy as the rest of the week!
So finally at 7:30 we took dad to dinner for his birthday. We went to Cafe' Sabor.
When we got seated the whole staff went to another table and sang a birthday song for someone there, and THEN made them wear a silly hat. Ethen was determined to have his dad wear the hat. So when Matt took Nait to the bathroom Ethen snagged the waiter and told him it was his Dad's birthday and he needed to wear the hat.
Matt was a good sport!

Hey, it was worth it for the FREE dessert!

On Sunday we had Steve and Melissa over for my very first homemade Ice Cream Cake

Don't know if I will be making another one anytime soon, but it worked, and tasted great!

Happy Birthday Babe! Love Ya!


Marcy said...

Wow you have been a busy blogger! Pics are all cute. Kyle would NOT wear the hat so good for Matt!

Mushbigdog said...

Nice Blog, but the black print on the red background is almost impossible to read