My Deals for Today.....

So a little while ago Matt and I went to a class to learn how to use coupons. I was VERY skeptical. I didn't want to spend my Sunday evenings "clipping" coupons, and then my shopping day sifting though coupons to find what I needed. So I went with a BAD attitude!

Let me just tell you that I was convinced! And today, I am even more convinced! Look at what I bought today:

9 Small Boxes of Jello

11 Packages of Crystal Light On The Go Drink Mixes

3 Bottles of Kraft BBQ Sauce

5 20 oz Bottles of Vitamin Water

5 Febreze Noticables Starter Kits

4 Jars of Salsa

Total price: 70.14

WHAT I SPENT: 27.46!!!!!

Definately worth the class time. Questions? Let me know! I will gladly share the wealth of info!

I was also thinking about hosting a class at my place.....Let me know if you are interested.


Marcy said...

Dude I totally want in on this. I have had people tell me the gist of it but I need someone to hold my hand to get started. What class did you take or heck ya host one!

RoBiN said...

Thats great girl! I would love to come to a class if you host one!

Kevin and Jen said...

Ok Hydi. You have to come in one day and teach me how to do this. Maybe we should just go to lunch and you can teach me. I will call you one of these days!!! I need to learn for sure!!